Who is this?

I’m Tudor, a Product Designer that loves solving complex problems through design.

I am a self-taught Product Designer passionate about designing digital experiences that leave a positive impact on people, the environment, and society.


What people say about me

We truly appreciate all the dedication and hard work Tudor has put into getting our UI beyond par. Our customers have actually commented on the look, feel, and ease off use since the work was complete. The enthusiasm and efficiency that Tudor brought to the table was invaluable.

While I do not know Tudor personally, I would like to recommend Tudor for his professionalism, for his prompt response to issues and to his knowledge of web design. He is very approachable and interested in helping people solve their design problems.

Tudor has done a variety of work for my company and I sincerely enjoy working with him. Not only is he a talented designer, Tudor is a hard working individual that consistently strives to improve his skills. Tudor's eagerness and devotion has made the design process for our projects go smoothly and has produced effective results.


Say hello!

Whether you just want to give a shout out or have a question, feel free to email me & I'll get back to you.