The Technologiezentrum Konstanz (TZK) has been supporting startups and young companies in the fields of technology, innovative processes and business-related services for over 30 years. The TZK is one of the first and thus most established centers in Germany.

With +40 companies in the Incubator, TZK was looking to rebrand their current website.

My Role

My task was to design their homepage, that would showcase and attract the TZK, showcase the companies that are part of it, and useful information about the center.


Even though the logo was not part of the concept, I wanted to simplify their current logo and suggest them an alternative, which turned out as seen below.


Those 3 banners are important elements of the design, where it leads the user to the right direction. Here I've tried an illustrated version, to showcase the categories of the center.

The Homepage

With all the received information from the client, I began designing the desktop version of the TZK. After trying different versions, in a different layout and structure of the content, the design below was the particular one we ended up with.