educheck brings together people seeking an education with education providers. On the platform, individuals can inform themselves about possible educational paths and find suitable schools, academies, colleges, and universities for their educational goals.

🚩 The Problem

A lot of talented students wasted their years in studying a major that they don’t enjoy, get stressed, frustrated that they could have used more time, energy on the fields that fit them.

🔍 Research Methodology

1. Created our participant criteria to make sure they represented our target users.
2. Interviewed 10 participants with a carefully prepared script to cover all necessary subjects.

🔑 Main takeaways

  • The career guidance activities in school are mostly failures and untrustworthy.
  • Picked a major based mainly on its earnings (to make a lot of money).
  • Family Influence, following the parent's career path.

Identifying Pain Points

Two personas were defined for this case

Understanding User

In order to better understand the user, we've used a simple 4-Step Career-planning process that allows us to identify the personal strengths and interests of potential users. This process includes a series of simple steps and can be reused throughout your career to ensure the user is working toward goals, no matter where he's currently in his career trajectory.

What is our end-goal?

We want to help young people find the career that fits them and help them know what to learn to get their foot in the door.

How can we know if we’ve succeeded?

Users find enough information they need to choose a career.

Information Architecture

Making information findable and understandable.

Visual Identity

Logo Concept

High Fidelity-Prototypes

Search Results
Provider Profile
Blog Article

Eduard - AI Chatbot

Another feature was a conversational application that aids in educational offers, and support by replacing human support agents with artificial intelligence (AI) that can communicate with end-users via chat window integrated along the website. Below a quick video demo of the prototype.