As mentioned above, cyberLAGO is one of the largest network of digital experts in the Lake Constance and thus the main network for any questions related to digitalization, digital transformation and IT.


After 6 years of being on the market, the network wanted to improve and modernize their online presence. The goal was to create a new and modern digital competence platform. The aim with the relaunch was to optimize the way users find information related to the network. At the same time, it should put the focus on network members and their competencies.

My Role

My task was to take care of the appearance of the project. In the first draft, I created two different concepts. First one being more classical, with clear focus on the network and people. The second one in a different direction, using a dark color scheme. In the end, we went with the dark version. It was a long design process, since we’ve involved an external designer to take care of the Brand Identity/Look.

First Draft

Below the first darf (v1 and v2), which afterwards ended up being adjusted in v3.

The final result

Below are screenshot of the website, which can also be accessed directly online.


Live Preview

The project is actually finished and can be visited directly online.